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Tell me more about my new Wingman?

Every Wingman in our staff is highly skilled in administrative support. Although they are not physically present at your location, they can be reached from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. CST, by using the internet, your phone, or any other etc.

As in any new employment relationship, the more you share about your business, your preferences, and your way of life, your Wingman will be able to support you better with your day to day  in an easy and efficient way.

What should I assign to my Wingman?

Your Wingman should provide you with ideas of how to handle your business in easier and more efficient way. You can also contact our Head of Client Relations to discuss what else we can help you with.

Is there a language barrier with my Wingman?

At Wingman, the first thing we ask of all of our applicants is to go through an English and grammar test. If they can´t pass this initial test then they will not move on to any additional stages.

As a result of this screening process, all of our Wingman Staff have excellent reading, writing, and verbal communication (Neutral Accent) skills. Our client relations representatives are familiar with how to speak with US customers on the phone and are easily understood.

How does Wingman manage my confidentiality?

The information (files, documents, emails, contacts, etc.) your Wingman access during the day never leaves the office. Each Wingman staff member undergoes a thorough an extensive background and reference check before being hired. Lastly, we maintain a bonded Non-Disclosure Agreement with each employee, which is part of the terms and conditions of any of the services provided by Wingman. This will guarantee that all shared information is and will be safeguarded, providing the utmost in client information security.

All the information provided by the client will  be handled carefully only in the terms consented by them, and shall be kept strictly confidential, we assure that none of our employees will directly or indirectly, use for its personal benefit, disclose, or communicate in any manner any information that is pertaining to its clients.

Where is Wingman located?

All of our Wingman Staff are located in El Salvador, Central America, with easy access from any US cities. It is also important for you to have knowledge that we count with a representative office in the state of Virginia.

How are your Wingman communication skills?

Our Wingman is part of a very diverse team. The voices and accents vary from each of our Wingman and the roles they’ve been trained in. When their prime role involves speaking on the phone we will give more emphasis on guaranteeing it is easy to understand them when speaking. When voice operations plays a secondary role we will place more emphasis towards experience.

How do I communicate with my Wingman?

Your Wingman will adapt to your most suitable method, ex. via phone, email, Skype, WhatsApp and many other methods of communication.

Do you have a guarantee?

Yes, we do! If you are not satisfied with the service, you can cancel anytime and we have a one week money-back guarantee.

What is the cost saving and business advantage that my company can gain from hiring a Wingman?

Much of this depends on the type of business you carry out and the processes that are being outsourced. As general rule, companies can expect to save up to 50-80% per year outsourcing, by reducing costs in hiring employees, computer equipment, infrastructure, office supplies and furniture. Including fixed costs as internet, phone, electricity, computer and IT maintenance.

What can I expect from my Wingman?

Here at Wingman we aim to build a solid long-term relationship by getting to know you, your business, your clients, and/or your personal life.  Their interest will always lie in your personal and professional growth, becoming your right hand on a daily day basis. Your Wingman will guarantee a focused approach when crafting the right solutions to take your business to the next level.