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Our Wingman Staff can help you with the following Administrative tasks:

Calendar and Meeting Time Administration
Organize your time more efficiently.

With help of your own Virtual Assistant, scheduling a meeting time and organizing a calendar shouldn’t be hard. Let us the tedious task of arranging your time and meetings by accessing your web based calendar while you concentrate on growing your business.

  • Organize your calendar
  • Contact clients
  • Set up conference calls
  • Coordinate meetings
Administrative Tasks
Assistance for busy executives.

Looking to focus on what’s more important in your business, but you have too much workload? A Wingman can reduce the workload and support you in running your business efficiently.

  • Manage phone calls
  • Agenda organization
  • E mailmanagement
  • Touch pointfor internal and external clients
  • Maintain contact lists
  • Bookkeeping
Interpretation, Translations and Transcriptions
Bilingual Support

Our Virtual Assistants are dedicated and specialized in providing English and Spanish: Translations, Transcriptions and Interpretations Services. They have all been selected for their expertise of the Spanish an English language as further know-how in specific areas.

  • Translate English/Spanish and Spanish/English documents ensuring correct spelling, grammatical structures and correct vocabulary usage.
Organization of Travel Arrangements
Traveling has never been easier.

Need someone to setup your Business or Leisure Travel? Our virtual assistants are committed to understand your travel agenda and search for multiple sources according to your preferences. Our ultimate goal is to minimize the unnecessary travel clutter. You will be getting an all-inclusive, easy to digest itinerary (flight, hotel, meetings, restaurant dates etc.)

  • Research local tours, attractions.
  • Organize passports and research visa requirements
  • Monitor immunization and vaccination requirements
  • Determine cell phone requirements in foreign locations
  • Find an interpreter or arrange foreign language classes (If required)
  • Evaluate travel insurance options
  • Track down lost luggage
Assistance for Real Estate
The right tools for Real Estate assistance.

Tasks like setting up meetings and managing all the paperwork can all be done by a Virtual Assistant. Pass off some of the boring daily tasks to your real estate virtual assistant and focus your time on closing the deal.

  • Ads placing and follow up.
  • Inquiries management.
  • Following up with prospective clients
  • Responding to your hundreds of email inquiries
  • Agenda management
Customer Service
Caring for your customers

Our Virtual Assistants are accessible, knowledgeable and courteous, their excellent relationship skills and willingness to compromise ensures your costumers’ satisfaction with the products and services offered by your business.

  • Data Entry
  • Claim Handling
  • Refund processing
  • Follow up calls
  • Customer Service Inquiries (emails, Calls etc.)
  • Any other assistance you require
  • Billing and collections
Operations and Logistics
Optimization is our goal.

Let your virtual assistant support your operating and distribution strategies by helping you out in different areas like ensuring all sale orders, assist with shipping inventories, coordination of delivery routes, etc.

  • Create and maintain contact with vendors and customers to ensure timely delivery of goods
  • Review bills, invoices and purchase orders
  • Ensure accuracy of all inventories
  • Track Shipments
  • Freight Booking

You can find the following features:

Your Wingman is part of your team
You can assign a company email to your wingman or provide access to company software.
Backup plan
Your wingman will have a backup in case of emergency.
Access to multiple skills
Access to additional resources if you need it. We have a Wingman ready to help.
Tracking System (Coming Soon)
Know and measure your wingman's work with a system to track their work.
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
Customer Support
Professional help from our customer support team to get the right fit for your business.