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Our Wingman Staff can help you with the following Marketing tasks:

Social Network Administration
Connecting Worldwide

According to your needs our wingmans' will help you build and execute social media strategies through competitive audience research. We compromise on generating and sharing content that gradually helps you achieve superior customer engagement and web site traffic.

  • Social media marketing strategy
  • Social media monitoring and posting

You can find the following features:

Your Wingman is part of your team
You can assign a company email to your wingman or provide access to company software.
Backup plan
Your wingman will have a backup in case of emergency.
Access to multiple skills
Access to additional resources if you need it. We have a Wingman ready to help.
Tracking System (Coming Soon)
Know and measure your wingman's work with a system to track their work.
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
Customer Support
Professional help from our customer support team to get the right fit for your business.