Wingman, who are we?

Wingman can have a lot of definitions, for example, originally Wingman means a pilot who supports another in a potentially dangerous flying environment, it can also mean someone who helps another through a difficult experience, a “sidekick” or if you like a “partner in crime”. Anyhow, any definition you choose or prefer has one objective only, to help someone to get to the top and taste the sweet flavor of success.

That is the exact reason why we are called Wingman, because we can assure you that our main objective is to help you as a client to accomplish all of your goals. Our staff is fully committed to the wellness and development of your business and due to our experience we can be prepared to fulfill with any request you can think of. It’s not only important, but necessary to clarify that our capacity of learning new programs or methodologies is huge and we are always committed to learn more things.

Here at Wingman we count with a great group of people trained to do the right moves and make the precise decisions to help your business grow even more. We are conscious that having a business of any kind is hard and is constantly at risk not only your money, but your health. This is why we can be a great way to release some of that stress by delegating tasks we are prepared or can be prepared to do. Having a Virtual Assistant is, nowadays, the best choice for your business.

We are located in El Salvador in Central America, with a population of 6.3 million persons. Salvadorans are known for being hard workers and for their peculiar charisma, which is a characteristic that we look for when it comes to making someone part of our company, so we can ensure you that all of your professional relationships with us or with your own clients are going to be successful.

Even though we are working from Central America, El Salvador shares the same time zone half of the year with CST and the other half of the year with MST. And on the top of that, since we are fully committed with your success, we can prepare for all kinds of schedules.

Finally, here at Wingman we are proud of having a large group of people, all of them with a warm heart, a lot of dedication and high expectations which is our own formula to success. Our minds are synchronized to the pursuit of being the best “sidekick”, the most wonderful “partner in crime”, or like I prefer to call it, the PERFECT WINGMAN for YOU.

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